The Amateur Photographer – Boston

There are multiple definitions of the word amateur.  When it comes to photography, I am, by several of these definitions, an amateur.  It’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing, but I am neither paid for it, nor am I particularly skilled.  I realize that I have much work to do in both taking and editing photographs.  More skilled photographers and photo editors could likely do much better with the same subjects and photos, respectively.  However, I also realize that the only way to improve my skill in photography is to go out and shoot.  So here we are.

The following are some examples of photos I took while in Boston, Massachusetts, with some of my observations.

Beautiful Boston.

In this photo I was sitting on a dock looking at the city.  I left the shutter open for a bit longer and increased the vibrance during editing.

This man was sitting near Old North Church.  I’m not even sure what the instrument he’s playing is called.  With his right hand he’s turning a sort of crank, and with his left he is changing the tone.  Due to the ‘old feel’ of the instrument, creamtone seemed an appropriate choice for this one in editing.

Given that individuals are the subjects in all but one of these photos, you can tell that I like to photograph people.  The fact is that people are interesting, and therefore they make for interesting photographs.  This one is no different.  I increased the clarity in order to bring out more clearly the musculature of his leg, which is contrasted with his reading a book.  The arches of the Boston Public Library are in the background.

This woman was amazing.  Not only was she a very skilled jazz pianist, but she’s possibly the most expressive musician I’ve ever seen in person.  The pure joy and emotion she put into her playing was inspiring.  In the second photo of this series I increased the vibrance and saturation in editing, which I think is appropriate, given the vibrancy of the subject.

This man was also taking photos of the jazz band.  It seemed fitting to me to photograph a fellow photographer.  I chose cold colors in editing to demonstrate the distance between the photographer and his subject.

Two men sharing a meal and conversation.  The chain on the left of the frame symbolizes the connection they have as friends.  Similar to the musician above, I chose an old-looking filter in editing because of the ancient nature of the bond between friends.

For any photographers or editors more skilled, or anyone else for that matter, I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments or in an email at



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