The Failure of ‘The Faith Behind’

The last post I published was easily the most ‘Christian’ one I’ve written up to this point. It wasn’t necessarily a departure from the norm, but I certainly discussed my faith more overtly than in past writings. This was, of course, on purpose. I wanted to be sure that anyone reading this blog would know exactly where I’m coming from in regard to my Christian faith because, as I stated in the post, that faith genuinely informs not only what I say here, but also my thinking in most aspects of my life.

Yet there is a part of me that feels like that last post failed in what I set out to do. Maybe ‘failed’ is too strong of a word, but I can’t quite say that I succeeded, either.

I was able to state clearly the basics of what I believe, but only the basics. Space didn’t permit me to go into the detail I might have liked to explain the nuances and intricacies of my beliefs, nor did the time limit of posting on a weekly basis allow me to take the amount of time I’d like to take in order to write a proper piece.

Additionally, I wasn’t able to expound upon the reasons for why I believe what I do to the extent that was truly befitting the subject matter. My faith in Jesus requires more than just 1447 words to be truly understood. I mean, let’s be honest for a second. I believe that the Creator of the Universe, a God in three Persons, sent the second Person to become a man. This man, Jesus, lived a perfect life before being put to death. Then, He rose from the dead after three days and appeared to a lot of people before ascending into Heaven.
I admit it: this is not normal. I heard a sermon recently in which the pastor said that Christianity is a ‘peculiar faith’. I couldn’t say it better myself. It is peculiar. It defies logic. Yet, having studied the history of the Christian faith, I find it to be very logical to believe what I do.

Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t able to go into detail about all of the evidence for these beliefs for a few reasons. It likely would have relied heavily on jargon and an extensive knowledge of history. As such, the post would have been far too long and detailed if I tried to include every bit of data that corroborates my beliefs. Such a presentation would have been outside of the scope of the post itself, and, more importantly, it mostly would have missed the point of what I was trying to say.

I may go more into some of this evidence and the like in the future, but I can’t say for sure either way.

This started as the introduction to ‘The Struggle (With Writing) is Real’, but as I was editing, I realized there was too much of a disparity between the intro and the body. They both spring from a common line of thought, but I think they serve better as sister pieces rather than as one long post. Publishing two separate posts seemed to be a better option than to leave this piece entirely on the editing room floor.


A pilgrimage is an intensely personal journey, but it is not one that a pilgrim undertakes alone.  I don’t want to ‘talk’ into a vacuum.  I want to hear other voices, too.  What I’m trying to say is, I want feedback!  Have I spoken something to you?  Is there something you think I should know?  Do you have a question about something I said?  Please leave a comment below or contact me at

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