The Amateur Photographer – Valencia, Spain

In this edition of ‘The Amateur Photographer’, I will stick to the ideas I explained in this post. I won’t go into depth as I have in past iterations of this series. Instead, I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. However, I’ll give some insights on a few of them.

All of these photos were taken in Valencia, Spain.

The Wedding Bus I

The Wedding Bus II

The Wedding Bus, both in black and white and in color.

The City of Arts and Sciences

I left this photo completely unedited (aside from the obvious addition of the ‘Pilgrim Shelter’ logo in the corner).



This is the man playing the hang I was watching before meeting Gabriel. Read the story of that fateful meeting in the post, The People We Meet.



Both of these photos are of the same man. I couldn’t quite settle on which I liked better, so I decided to share both.



Mercado Central, Adentro 

Mercado Central

I hope you enjoyed ‘The Amateur Photographer – Valencia, Spain’. Given that I’m still learning and growing as a photographer, I greatly appreciate feedback. Please leave a comment below or in an email,


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