Silent No Longer

This blog has been silent for a long time, I know. That’s not to say that nothing has happened in my life, but there is another time to talk about that. This post is not about me.

Let’s make no mistake about who this post is about.

George Floyd.

A man who was unarmed and pleading for mercy while being forcibly restrained by a police officer who was supposed to be a protector empowered by the state who instead used his authority to commit murder.

George Floyd.

A man who, if he looked more like me and was thus afforded the benefits of my skin color, would not have been murdered in the way he was.

George Floyd.

A man who, through his death at the hands of police brutality, has gotten people angry about the unequal treatment of minorities by police, possibly angry enough that change might be possible.

George Floyd.

My prayer is that one day, we as a country will be able to look back on this strange period in human history and in our country’s history and, reflecting on the year 2020, will say, ‘There was a man whose death was a murder and a tragedy. But, this man did not die in vain. It was his death that pushed people to talk to each other and, more importantly, to listen to each other. It sparked a peaceful revolution that brought about true and lasting dialogue that turned into real change in this country.’

George Floyd.

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