Plans for Unification

In the post Multiple Choice Life, I did my best to explain some of my desires for my life and their competing nature. I want to have a family, but I also want to travel. Perhaps those two aren’t as mutually exclusive as I see them now, but I see what I see. If the reality is far removed from my perception of it, my perception still stands.

Regardless of the accuracy of my perception, there are several reasons why I want to travel. Continue reading

A Winning Streak with Perspective

On September 12, I made the 90 minute drive up to Cleveland with my cousin Dave to watch the Cleveland Indians play the Detroit Tigers. Dave and I had talked about seeing an Indians game sometime this season, and, given that the end of the regular season is approaching, time was running out for us to follow through on this agreement. It just so happens that the Indians were in the midst of a 19-game winning streak, so we had the chance to see them go for number 20, which would tie the record for the longest winning streak in American League history.

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Remembering the Big Picture

Throughout the posts on this blog, I’ve shared a lot about myself, my desires, and my thoughts. It’s clearly a very personal blog. It does not, however, cover everything I think about. There is so much more that goes through my mind on a daily basis that I don’t mention or share here, mostly because it isn’t possible to say everything I’d like to say. Continue reading

Multiple Choice Life

I’ve been back in the US for over 8 months as I write this. This is significantly longer than I thought it would be when I came back in December. I thought I’d be heading back to Europe by April or May. The plan eventually became leaving in June. Then it was July. Then August.

‘What happened?’ you may ask. The best answer I can give is that life happened. Continue reading

Homestyle Flavor

Home is so often an elusive concept. Much ink, of both the literal and digital variety, has been spilled in the attempt to make sense of what home is and what it is not. Songs have been written and movies made with the same goal in mind. I personally have written before about home, but I didn’t actually write about home itself, per se. That piece was more about my thoughts about being home in relation to what I had just done. Now I’d like to turn my thoughts more specifically to ‘home’. Continue reading