Remembering the Big Picture

Throughout the posts on this blog, I’ve shared a lot about myself, my desires, and my thoughts. It’s clearly a very personal blog. It does not, however, cover everything I think about. There is so much more that goes through my mind on a daily basis that I don’t mention or share here, mostly because it isn’t possible to say everything I’d like to say. Continue reading

Multiple Choice Life

I’ve been back in the US for over 8 months as I write this. This is significantly longer than I thought it would be when I came back in December. I thought I’d be heading back to Europe by April or May. The plan eventually became leaving in June. Then it was July. Then August.

‘What happened?’ you may ask. The best answer I can give is that life happened. Continue reading

Homestyle Flavor

Home is so often an elusive concept. Much ink, of both the literal and digital variety, has been spilled in the attempt to make sense of what home is and what it is not. Songs have been written and movies made with the same goal in mind. I personally have written before about home, but I didn’t actually write about home itself, per se. That piece was more about my thoughts about being home in relation to what I had just done. Now I’d like to turn my thoughts more specifically to ‘home’. Continue reading

35 Posts and Counting

Up to this point, I’ve published 34 posts on this blog. This is number 35. I’ve posted enough that taking stock now seems appropriate. Although it’s not a ‘proper milestone’ like 50 or 100, I see it as a good time to reflect on what I’ve written, the progress I’ve made (as much as ‘progress’ is quantifiable), the topics I’ve written about, the number of views and followers, etc. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary

This week marked my spiritual anniversary. By this, I mean the date which I acknowledge as the day I came to faith. I don’t necessarily go out of my way to celebrate it in any tangible way, though I know some do with their own spiritual events. I can’t even say for sure that the date I recognize, June 6, is actually the actual date that I truly became a Christian. I look to this date because it marks an important and memorable spiritual experience for me.

It was twelve years ago. Continue reading

Something New

This past Saturday I didn’t publish any blog post. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I’ll admit that my last post was one of the most mentally draining pieces I’ve ever written. It was difficult for me to give the diligence due another post within only a few days of finishing 20 Years. I’ve written repeatedly that I only post that which I feel is worth the time spent reading. I wouldn’t have been able to put up something that would’ve satisfied that requirement, so I decided to forego putting up anything. Continue reading

‘The Struggle’ Continued

Since posting ‘The Struggle (with Writing) is Real’, it’s admittedly been somewhat difficult for me to sit down and write for this blog. It was good last week for me to post the photos from Valencia. I’d been meaning to do that for a while, and it also gave me some time to consider my next written post because, to be frank, I haven’t been quite so keen on blog writing in the past week and a half.

I was going strong, writing and desiring to write, for a few months in a row. Why did my motivation to write here decrease to the extent it did in such a short time?

Continue reading