Happy Anniversary

This week marked my spiritual anniversary. By this, I mean the date which I acknowledge as the day I came to faith. I don’t necessarily go out of my way to celebrate it in any tangible way, though I know some do with their own spiritual events. I can’t even say for sure that the date I recognize, June 6, is actually the actual date that I truly became a Christian. I look to this date because it marks an important and memorable spiritual experience for me.

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Something New

This past Saturday I didn’t publish any blog post. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I’ll admit that my last post was one of the most mentally draining pieces I’ve ever written. It was difficult for me to give the diligence due another post within only a few days of finishing 20 Years. I’ve written repeatedly that I only post that which I feel is worth the time spent reading. I wouldn’t have been able to put up something that would’ve satisfied that requirement, so I decided to forego putting up anything. Continue reading

‘The Struggle’ Continued

Since posting ‘The Struggle (with Writing) is Real’, it’s admittedly been somewhat difficult for me to sit down and write for this blog. It was good last week for me to post the photos from Valencia. I’d been meaning to do that for a while, and it also gave me some time to consider my next written post because, to be frank, I haven’t been quite so keen on blog writing in the past week and a half.

I was going strong, writing and desiring to write, for a few months in a row. Why did my motivation to write here decrease to the extent it did in such a short time?

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The Amateur Photographer – Valencia, Spain

In this edition of ‘The Amateur Photographer’, I will stick to the ideas I explained in this post. I won’t go into depth as I have in past iterations of this series. Instead, I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. However, I’ll give some insights on a few of them.

All of these photos were taken in Valencia, Spain.

The Wedding Bus I

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The Struggle (With Writing) is Real

While I was studying at Grove City College, there was an admittedly strange tradition during the week of final exams. One night during that week, at around 10pm, a group of students would gather at a predetermined location on campus for what was called ‘Primal Scream’. Those who participated would gather and simply shout for a minute or so before returning to the books or going to bed. It was a means to get out the frustration and angst of hours spent studying for exams and writing papers. Leave it up to Grove City College students to organize something called ‘Primal Scream’. When I think about it now, I see it as akin to an anarchist group hiring a board of directors. Regardless of its muddled form, I participated a few times. It was a good release of the frustrations that built up around finals time. Plus, it was fun to gather with a group and yell for no reason for a few minutes.

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