A Winning Streak with Perspective

On September 12, I made the 90 minute drive up to Cleveland with my cousin Dave to watch the Cleveland Indians play the Detroit Tigers. Dave and I had talked about seeing an Indians game sometime this season, and, given that the end of the regular season is approaching, time was running out for us to follow through on this agreement. It just so happens that the Indians were in the midst of a 19-game winning streak, so we had the chance to see them go for number 20, which would tie the record for the longest winning streak in American League history.

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Camino Vignettes: Leaving Viana

This is the second installment of ‘Camino Vignettes’, stories about my time walking the Camino de Santiago. You can find the first installment here. You can also read about my general overview of the Camino here.

There were several times on the Camino de Santiago that I found myself in what I’ll refer to as ‘special cultural situations’.

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The Server and the Jerk

At this point in my life, I’ve been working as a restaurant server for about six years.  Sometimes I genuinely enjoy it; sometimes I think I never want to step foot in another restaurant for the rest of my life.  Anyone who’s worked as a server knows that it’s not always the easiest job, nor is it the most glamorous.  All things considered, though, it’s really not a bad way to make a living.

I’ve gained several skills from serving.  Multitasking.  Time management.  Making small talk.  Problem solving.  Balance, both physical and mental.  Plate stacking (seriously, it comes in handy all the time).  However, I think the most beneficial skill I’ve learned is that of having thick skin.

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