The Amateur Photographer – Valencia, Spain

In this edition of ‘The Amateur Photographer’, I will stick to the ideas I explained in this post. I won’t go into depth as I have in past iterations of this series. Instead, I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. However, I’ll give some insights on a few of them.

All of these photos were taken in Valencia, Spain.

The Wedding Bus I

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On Art, Truth, and Meaning: Considerations on ‘The Amateur Photographer’

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

I was talking with a friend some time ago about photography and the process of finding meaning in and through this medium. She asked which comes first in the process for me: do I take the photo first and find meaning after looking at it? Or do I search for meaning and then try to find a photo opportunity that fits that meaning?

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The Amateur Photographer – Boston

There are multiple definitions of the word amateur.  When it comes to photography, I am, by several of these definitions, an amateur.  It’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing, but I am neither paid for it, nor am I particularly skilled.  I realize that I have much work to do in both taking and editing photographs.  More skilled photographers and photo editors could likely do much better with the same subjects and photos, respectively.  However, I also realize that the only way to improve my skill in photography is to go out and shoot.  So here we are.

The following are some examples of photos I took while in Boston, Massachusetts, with some of my observations.

Beautiful Boston.

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