The Amateur Photographer – Madrid

It’s time for yet another series from my attempts at photography, this time in Madrid.  I’ll give my input on some of these photos, but some of them I’ll just let you judge for yourself.  Enjoy.


​In my mind, there is so much going on in this photo.

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Embracing Uncertainty

The past few days have been difficult for me because I’ve really been at a loss for exactly what to do.  The process of finding a job in Madrid proved to be more difficult for me than I anticipated.  There are English teaching jobs in Madrid, but I had multiple interviews cancel because I didn’t have the proper paperwork.  I came to Spain knowing that I didn’t have all the documents I would need to work, but I was willing to work “under the table.”  This is a fairly common practice for Americans in Spain due to the difficulty of obtaining a work visa.  This may have been foolish on my part, but the process was still pretty frustrating for me.

And now, full disclosure. 

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The Amateur Photographer – Boston

There are multiple definitions of the word amateur.  When it comes to photography, I am, by several of these definitions, an amateur.  It’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing, but I am neither paid for it, nor am I particularly skilled.  I realize that I have much work to do in both taking and editing photographs.  More skilled photographers and photo editors could likely do much better with the same subjects and photos, respectively.  However, I also realize that the only way to improve my skill in photography is to go out and shoot.  So here we are.

The following are some examples of photos I took while in Boston, Massachusetts, with some of my observations.

Beautiful Boston.

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A New Start

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hostel in Madrid, Spain.  It sounds like there’s a party going on outside, which is a very real possibility.  It’s such a vibrant city at all hours.  Cars honking.  People talking, laughing, singing.  It’s also very accessible because of the great Metro system that can take you anywhere in the city within a reasonable amount of time.  It’s definitely a cosmopolitan city, but one with so much history and culture.  Some of the best museums in the world are located here, including the Reina Sofia, the Thyssen, and of course, the Prado.  In short, Madrid is like no place I’ve been. Continue reading